Hempex or spleitex

Hempex is sometimes called the synthetic sister of hemp. If you were to put both ropes side by side, it is sometimes difficult to distinguish between them. Still, there are some pros and cons to this. Like hemp, it feels soft to the touch, but because it is synthetic you still have to watch out for rope burns. If you put the ropes through your fingers or along the bunny's body too quickly, you can make burns more often with this.

This rope has many advantages such as:
- cheap
- good alternative if you have hay fever
- easy to maintain
- light weight
- very strong

As a starter, you will have a lot of fun with this rope.
This rope, with its breaking strength of 320kg (705lbs), is great for suspensions*.
Because this rope is synthetic, you can also use it for water bondage*.

*Please note that before you start using suspensions and water bondages you should have the necessary knowledge and experience!

If you have hay fever this is a worthy alternative to still use ropes, afterwards you will have nice rop marks too.
The rope has already been treated for you and is immediately usable as bondage rope.