Photo from Vittorio Secrets

Hi, I'm a man in my 30's and I have the nickname Pluisje (ropefluff in dutch).
Within the BDSM world I am mainly a switch, this means that I am both Dominant and sub.

I'm fascinated by ropes. I enjoy to be a bunny myself but I can equally enjoy tying people up and giving them the same pleasure and peace that I experience.

I have been making bondages for years, most of my works are on my mannequin. Regularly I attended workshops to learn new things and occasionally organized some events.

But there is so much more, for example I'm good with the camera and I recently started making my own ropes.

Therefore I decided to create this site that serves as a contact point for anyone who's interested.
All this under the name Art of ropes.

With this site I want to offer access to people who are not yet very sure in what they really want.
Is bondage something for me or do i like impact play? Am I sub or Dominant? How to make certain knots and how to obtain a harness...

I hope to use this site to help many people on their way in the BDSM world. 


Hi, I'm V'tje.
You will only see me at the rope jam summer editions where I help set everything up.
I do also help the team with tips and tricks , ideas and much more. Just like Pluisje I'm good with everything and love to help you. If you see me we can always have a chat.



Already walking some times on this world, I've seen and heard a lot. More than a decade ago I discovered the kink community and felt immediately at home. Some labels that suit me are Gentle Domme, rigger, sometimes a little sadistic, playful, coaching dominant, good listener.