After a fun BDSM game, an intense impact play or a shibari session, the bunny may experience a subdrop. Although the Dominant can also suffer from this (Domdrop), we focus here mainly on the submissive. 


What is it?

A subdrop can be broken down into two parts.
You can have a subdrop shortly after your game and you can have a subdrop 24 hours or even later. 

Shortly after a (heavy) session it can be that you feel empty, have an inner peace, or that your emotions are running wild, sometimes resulting in tears. You may feel cold, uncomfortable or even feeling a bit faint. 
Thinking clearly will sometimes be difficult, although some people find this pleasant. 
A subdrop that comes later, 1 hour to 48 hours after a game, can hit you hard.
This can sometimes be difficult because it can happen when you are back at work and your Dominant is not around you.
It feels like you are flooded with negative emotions and you could sometimes consider it as a small depression. The meaning of life escapes you and you find it difficult to concentrate. 


What can you do?

After a BDSM session it's important to perform aftercare.
This means that as a Dominant you are there for your sub and don't not just walk away to the fridge to get a beer for yourself.
You stay with your sub and make your presence felt.
If necessary, give your sub a blanket against the cold, an extra long hug, some caresses, compliments. 
A sugary drink or a cake can also help a lot to make the sub feel a little better. 
Go over together what you liked about the past session. 

What can you do in case of a subdrop that comes on later?

When your Dominant is with you it's best to have a good cuddle together. 
Talk about what you liked and what you thought could be better.
You can already make plans together for the next session and you will notice that the negative feelings will disappear. 

If your Dominant is not with you because of circumstances or you have been to someone professional, then it is much more difficult. 

Many others will tell you "have a piece of chocolate (+75%) and watch some TV".

Unfortunately, this will only help for a few of us. 
However, it can help to take a walk in the sun and get some natural vitamin D.
If there is no sun, you can take a walk in the sun and get some natural vitamin D. 
Then again, if there is no sun, it is best to go for a walk in the woods. 
Nature and greenery also have a positive influence on your emotions. 
Other subs are helped by writing down everything in detail about their emotions from the past game. 
Chatting can also help, talk about it over the phone with your friend or our kink coach.


And now? 

Me as a rigger sometimes find it hard to hear bunny's who are having a hard time after a session with me.
The urge is great to want to help but apart from what I am writing here now, sometimes I don't know what else I can do. 
That's why I want to use this text to pass on the tips I know and ask other subs how they were helped.
What have you benefited from?
What is your best tip?
Write it down below and help others. 
I will make a selection and translate the answers on both pages. 

Tips are displayed with your nickname, not your E-mail address.