*This FAQ is mainly about Pluisje itself.

Where can i find a mannequin like yours?

Well, to be honest, I have no idea.
I found mine on a 2nd hand site. when I went to get it, the owner remembered to tell me that the mannequin had been placed in a lingerie store.
Many have asked me the question and I started looking for it. This website sells mannequins. Although they are very light these are of decent quality for not that much money.


I understand that sometimes you want to see a tutorial of a harness I made. Yet this takes me a lot of time, up to about 6 hours to make one. I don't have that time at the moment and have had to change my focus. Therefore I did create a series of short tutorials on my YouTube page where every knot I use is explained. 
Here you can already get a good start: https://www.artofropes.com/education/rope-tutorials 

Do you have pictures of the other side of the harness?

I have those sometimes and sometimes not. If there are any they will certainly be posted. If they are not there it could be for 3 reasons:
it doesn't look good, it wasn't worth it or I simply forgot about it.

Where can I learn all of this?

You can already do that here on the site. Through this link you can already get a good basis. It is also important to follow a workshop in real life. With me you can certainly follow but look in your own neighborhood if this is too far for you. This is best done on Fetlife.

What is Fetlife? 

Fetlife is a website based on kink. So you can create your own profile there and thus share what you want. It's a bit like Facebook without the censorship.
You can easily find events near you such as meetings, munches, ropejams, .....

Please note that this is an 18+ site and anyone can pretend to be what they want! Also, don't just put a picture of your face on there if you're not sure yet. So if you meet someone through a website make sure you have a backup before meeting irl!!!

What is your ropejam address?

This will be given to you once you are enrolled. For now, most events are given around Bruges. Depending on the editions, this may be at a different location.

How long have you been doing ropes?

I started in the spring of 2019 and quickly had a taste for it.
I bought some ropes and a mannequin.
Then I started taking one workshop after another and began to develop my own style.
On the doll, I do everything artistic.
On a real person mainly shibari.
When I was looking for a new rope set I was surprised by the prices and thought, "I can do this cheaper". So I did!
That's how I then started this website.
My main goal is to make BDSM accessible for everyone.

What does the name Pluisje mean?

I was looking for a name for on Fetlife. I looked straight in front of me and saw a fluff flying, so I quickly found this name Pluisje (translated "ropefluff").

After some time I changed the name to "Art of Ropes" to make it more clear about what I do.
I still kept the name Pluisje as my nickname.