I want to be tied up for the first time


I love to share my love of ropes with others, that is why I offer this option for free or a voluntary tip*.

Maybe you already fantasized about it, maybe you are shy, maybe you are a bit scared, apprehensive ...
all these feelings are completely normal.
That's why I like to take the time to know you, what do you like, dislike, expect.
I also take the time to explain what you can expect and can't expect, the possible dangers and how to prevent them, precautions to take, communication.
As always with ropes, better safe than sorry.


Still a little shy to make an appointment?

Maybe after watching this video of bunnies who already experienced rope play will change your mind.
Hopefully a lot of your questions will be answered, insecurities will be gone and you now dare to sign up.


Still not convinced?
No worries. Take your time.
Read some more, browse on this site or on our social media pages and when you feel ready,
just contact us. You can also always ask all of your questions using the contact page.

Convinced? Great!

So.... How does it work?
Well you fill out the registration form at the bottom. Afterwards you may already sighn the intake form, you can also wait with this. 
I will then send you some available dates and give you my cell phone number where we can chat on Whatsapp.
We discuss there a date and where we let it continue. 
For a first time you can count on this taking about a 2 to 3 hours. 
This can be either at my home or at your home* or other location*.


Good arrangements make good friends.

- You will fill in a intake form so I know what to expect before we meet. 
- There will be an in-depth conversation before we begin, to get to know each other better. This way we can begin a session without worry. 
- Hygiene is important, take a shower or freshen up before we meet
- Underpants will remain on for both of us.
- Do not expect sexual interaction.
- For women: please do not wear a bra with metal supports.
- If desired, we can meet on a public property first. 

* If I have to travel, there is a travel cost of € 0.40/km from Bruges.

* Your information will only be kept for this communication itself. If you wish to stay informed you can continue to follow us on the social media pages.